Reality Blenders was created to gain more attention to virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) projects worldwide. A place where we don’t zoom into the technology, but foremost explore the impact and value these virtual stories and games have on humans. To broaden perspectives and look at the potential that VR, AR & MR offers. We bring this to your screens through blogs, videos and interviews with creators and developers.

    Evelyn van der Burg is a creative thinker, game enthusiast and tech nerd from Eindhoven. She studied at International Lifestyle Studies and graduated as a creative strategist with an interest in gaming and human behavior. After finishing her bachelor, she started her career at a trend and innovation studio, where she helped advise companies navigating to the future. She realised that wasn’t her life ‘vocation’, which ultimately led to the birth of Reality Blenders.