Step into the house of the future, have a unique look at a the screens of a traffic center and visit the world’s smartest area in the world: the High Tech Campus. This year’s Dutch Technology Week was yet another inventive, creative and ingenious week where great minds came together. One of the highlights of the week is the “High Tech Discovery Route”, where tech companies in Eindhoven and surroundings are open to the public and invite everyone to join the technology tour – with different hotspots, diffused over the tech-minded district. We were invited by Dutch Technology Week, Brainport Eindhoven and YNTL to join the tour and explore everything the city has to offer.

We wouldn’t be Reality Blenders without bringing you the best VR cases we spotted at the Dutch Technology Week. So without further ado, let’s head right into it:

Philips: The MRI Scan Experience
Gerard and Frederik Philips brought opportunities for the city and its inhabitants in 1891. The manufacturing of light bulbs turned out to be one of the catalysts that made Eindhoven the city it is today. Since then the city was given the nickname “City of Light”. A symbol that stands for creativity and fresh ideas. Coincidence? Probably not…

Nowadays, Philips provides products, services and solutions to improve people’s quality of life. They showcased their work at the Philips Innovation Center on the High Tech Campus. One showcased example was the virtual reality experience that prepares patients for an MRI scan. Patients experience a safe and virtual MRI simulation beforehand, which leads to a calmer patient and an overall positive experience when the actual MRI takes place. An advantage for patients and hospital staff, since it leads to a smoother and more efficient MRI scan.

Footage of the MRI Scan Experience

Ministry of Defense: Do Your Dare?
The Dutch Ministry of Defense is always on the hunt for the most competent people to join the army, navy, military police and air force. They’re using the latest technologies and trends to grab the attention of men, women, boys and girls of all ages. And recruit those who see themselves working for the Dutch Ministry of Defense. They positioned a giant truck, with camouflaged paint and the question: “Do your dare?” near the entrance of Automotive Campus in Helmond. We took our chances and climbed the stairs of the truck. And were surprised to see what was inside: chairs positioned next to each other, like we were going on a mission. With virtual reality goggles positioned on the wall.

After positioning the virtual reality goggles, the experience starts. You follow a group of soldiers who are on a mission in the woods, looking for the enemy who forges plans. And see multiple aspects of collaboration: working together, planning ahead and keeping each other safe. They even added a fragrance machine and a loud “explosion” effect to lift the 360 video. Yes, we screamed.

Wouter and Jasper in the Ministry of Defense VR truck

VDL Groep: Rollercoaster Experience
The VDL industrial Modules in Helmond was a creative and fun paradise for kids. The factory halls were filled with activities that captivated children for hours. They could communicate with a dancing robot, maneuver robots through a maze and try a virtual reality rollercoaster. The fun thing about this rollercoaster was the physical and typical chair with a seatbelt, and your feet flowing in the air. Once seated, the VR ride takes off and you’re told to shoot the stars that hover around the rollercoaster. We weren’t really impressed by the VR rollercoaster experience (a wind machine, realistic effects and moving chairs would’ve made it more interesting for adults) but children loved it. The girl in the picture says it all, she’s captivated!

A girl sitting in the VR Rollercoaster at VDL Industrial Modules

With technology growing at an exponential pace, the time to get kids, teenagers and adults excited about tech is more important than ever. This makes the Dutch Technology Week a meaningful week to look forward to every year. The above are only a handful of activities that were showcased at the “High Tech Discovery Route”, we want to emphasize the fact that we’ve not seen every VR case that was available that day. Next year it’s time for another Dutch Technology Week. Mark your agenda and plan ahead, you really don’t want to miss it.

Big thanks to Dutch Technology Week, Brainport Eindhoven, Marielle Verlouw, Nadia Dekkers, Alex Malone, Amber Mobility, Brood2Day and Emma Restaurant for making this inspiring day possible. 

Header photo by Dutch Technology Week.
1st in post picture by Philips.
2nd in post picture by Ken Giang

3rd in post picture by Peter Majolee.